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Life is a beautiful thing but it also holds much sadness and emotions that seem to run the gamut, from happiness and laughter to fear and feeling alone, to yelling at traffic and cursing computers, and back to laughter again. This can lead to feeling out of control and overwhelmed wishing for things to “be like they were” or trying to manifest a brighter future where all problems will simply melt away. This is the seasoning of life, but sometimes people get lost in depression, anger, and grief and forget about happiness and love. Life becomes off balance and we get caught up in the small frustrations losing our way back to our purpose and forgetting about our dreams. And this is the reason for this blog, to enjoy life, to return to our hearts desires, to live before dying.

This blog is requested by students and seminar participants who asked me for on-going lessons from my Manifesting Me seminars.

So, here it is, welcome to Small Changes for Life, where small consistent changes create big on-going results.

Here is some background on how this blog came to be:

I am a martial artist of 27 years and have been teaching a range of people from all walks of life, seeing many of them make huge personal changes. One of our Grandmasters always used the phrase “living in the spirit of” meaning live like you already are what you desire to be. So I began to search this out, can you live in the spirit and create a new life? From there I found myself in classes about manifesting and reading books upon books on the subject and finding yes, to a certain degree, we seem to create many of our circumstances but there was much more to it.

Things didn’t seem to “poof” and they were perfect. But like the stock market I could see changes. Up and down, up and down, but as I stuck with it, like a good stock I began to see a slow steady change going up!

People began to notice the changes I made in my life and asked me to teach them what I have learned. This began my seminar series called “Manifesting Me.” This was especially exciting because now I could see people’s lives begin to change in leaps and bounds. But then there were other people who had negligible changes. What was the difference? Why were some people able to follow through with the tasks and others simply did not? You could easily chalk this up to laziness but these were people that really wanted to make changes, wanted them badly. I decided to offer a five-month course to see if working with people on a regular basis would help.  This is when I confirmed my belief of what holds people back the most – inconsistency

I reflect on Kung Fu and wonder how one goes from literally tripping into class to wearing a black belt? How does another so shy and unable to be in front of people become a master; or another who was testing for a belt run out of the room crying because of terror yet, a short time later, end up demonstrating in front of 100 people? When you first begin Kung fu your mind cannot even fathom a black belt as you try to hold a wobbling stance. But then something magical happens as you continue to show up for class after class after class. With steady slow small steps, minute changes begin to take place. This is the key to changes within your life. “Show up for yourself,” as our Martial arts master likes to say.

So this is what I am doing here.  I’m showing up for myself and for you.  I am committing to one year of “small changes” and welcoming you to join in. Life with all it’s beauty will always have it’s ups and downs but by committing to small changes the ride will be much more enjoyable and yes, even fun.

Today is day one of the journey: Make a commitment to show up for yourself.  Make a commitment to making one small change at a time and continue to live in the spirit of the person you would like to be.