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imagesYou are alive! I happen to know this because you are reading this blog, clear deduction on my part.

Living beats the alternative so let’s act like it while we are still here. Let’s get excited about life and be grateful for all that we have by doing one small change this week.

We are going to replace one tiny comment that could change our perception. Instead of saying, “I have to” we’re going to replace it with “I get to.”

How often we flippantly say things like “yeah, I have to go to work today,” “I have to turn in that report,” “I have to do laundry.” What kind of life is that? Drudging around like everything you do is a chore, dragging your feet as you go.

You are alive; you “get to!”

I get to work today because I have a job with money coming in. How many people in the world would love to do what you are doing, would love to make the money you are making, and would gladly take your place. I get to turn in that report for school. You are in school, unlike millions who would love to have an education but never will have the chance. I get to do laundry. You get to wash all those amazing clothes that you shopped for and were excited about when you purchased them, they deserve to be taken care of.

Our habit of saying “I have to” makes life a chore, when in fact life is an honor.

“I get too”, reminds us to get excited about our lives and celebrate even the mundane.

Begin today living every moment as a gift.

Small change #2

All week long replace “I have to” with “I get to”