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“I have to,” is actually  a very sneaky little three words. It floats subtly in my mind as a fleeting thought. “I gotta go up and brush my teeth.” See, it seems innocent enough. Still I gotta, is a type of chore. I get to brush my teeth means I have teeth, and that to me is a really good thing. It means I have a toothbrush and yes, running water. This is just something I noticed this week, how tiny a “chore” thought can be. I don’t know about you but I prefer a life of love, fun, joy, a breath of fresh air as opposed to work.

The beauty of “I get to” is that it is a built in gratitude for all that we have. I love this. All day long we are now focused on what we do have. For those of you who are into manifesting (check out http://www.manifestingme.com) and creating your life, you will realize the importance of gratitude. When we live in a constant state of being grateful we are NOT living in lack and want so we will stop creating more lack and want. When we live in gratitude we are recognizing our blessings so we naturally attract more of the same to us.

When feeling financially down, worried about the way life is going, not good enough, turn you attention to all the beautiful things you do have. Take “I get to” and run with it and see how those three words can change your life around.