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As I’m driving down the busy street a blur catches my eye. Green and red balloons attached to a sign that seems to be floating by itself, moving quickly back and forth down the road, but wait, there were legs attached to the sign! The sign read, “Hot Chocolate”hot-chocolate-su-1571510-l with an arrow. Well unfortunately by the time I made out what the commotion was all about I was long passed the turning point and pulling into the Vons parking lot. But I couldn’t shake it. I remember a promise I made to myself that if I ever pass a lemonade stand or kids selling something roadside, I would always stop and support whatever they were doing. Being the Christmas season we can so easily get crazy busy and this particular day was no exception, I was running around with a list of errands bigger then Santa’s. Still I couldn’t shake it, some little guy was out there on a cold early Saturday morning running up and down the street with his handmade sign, I just had to turn around. So I did, and there was Brody, “Dad, Dad she’s stopping!” Oh wow, I couldn’t believe how his face lit up. No house with Christmas lights could outshine him and it was contagious. I pulled up to the little table, Dad, and Brody. “Good Morning, I’m Brody, would you like a hot chocolate?” Who in the world could resist? I of course said yes, tipped more than the drink itself and watched as Brody ran off with his balloon sign to land his next customer. I talked to the Dad, turns out he’s saving for some type of airplane that Santa couldn’t quite afford. I drove off with such a feeling of warmth and happiness.

I know, so cliche that giving often brings about more that receiving but there is a reason it’s cliche, it also seems to be true. My whole day was changed because of little Brody. I felt great for turning around, felt amazing seeing his face light up, and humbled that my little bit of money could help out. I smiled more that morning and felt gratitude for what I do have in my life. All of this because I took a moment out of my busy schedule for someone else. Plus I have to say, I enjoyed an excellent hot chocolate.

Small Change #3

Take a moment for someone else.

All this week find opportunities to take a moment for others. You could put down what you are doing and really listen to someone, watch your friends kids so they can get some Christmas shopping done, or stop on your way to work to pick up coffee for your co-workers. Whatever you do, let the moment slow you down and be a time that pulls you out of your busy schedule. Keep me posted, I’d love to hear about your week.