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This week we begin a New Year, we get a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning. Even though we wake up on January 1st the same person we were on Dec. 31st. we can choose to be different. What we  need to realize is we can change who we are at anytime.  We can go from fat to thin, shy to outgoing, and being a procrastinator to a person who easily follows through. This may sound too wonderful to be true but with a change of attitude, a different perspective, and bit of elbow grease, it can be done. There are numerous stories of people who changed their current condition but it takes more than a magic wand to do it.

Most of us have read and even applied techniques like manifesting, affirmations, visualization, but old habits seem to creep right back in. We get excited about a new year; I swear – half the city is out jogging on January 1st but by the 7th it’s back to the same people as before. But why? Why do we have wonderful intentions and then fall back to our old ways?


Habits create who we are. Day by day we think the same thoughts about ourselves and follow the same routines.  Then we wonder why life is going in a certain direction. We can change all this by changing our habits and the New Year is a great place to start.  Unfortunately we get a bit too excited. Usually we end up with such a high expectation like, “this New Year I’m going to start jogging everyday seven days a week” or “on January 1st I’m going to organize my entire home and keep it that way forever!” Well, welcome to small changes for life. This is exactly why I started this blog – to make changes that stick once and for all. So, lets do this in a reasonable way. Pick one small habit that you can change, at least for this week, and stick to it.

For example if you want to eat better this year start with a small habit of adding one fruit to your meal or decide to eat slowly and mindfully. If you’d like to be a more social and outgoing person this year but you are known as the shy one, begin slowly. Begin by being the first to say hello as you pass people at work or on the street. You can begin your morning with an affirmation such as, “Every day I feel more and more comfortable talking with co-workers.”

No matter what you choose, keep it small and keep it simple.

Begin by making a list of all the small habits that can support your goal and see if you can add one a week or take it even slower and add one a month. If you were to add one small good habit every month look where you could be in just a year – definitely not in the same place if you decided to do nothing at all.

So go ahead, believe you can change, take a small step and try it out.

Small Change #5

This week choose one small habit to support the new you. 

Happy 2014 everyone! 🙂