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I had an entirely different blog written for this week until I read an article that caught my eye for the New Year.

It read;

“As part of their New Year celebrations, Ecuadorians burn pictures of unhappy moments from the previous year as a means of purging negativity and opening themselves up to happier experiences in the coming year.” images-2

Wow, what a wonderful way to move into the new year. We can also take it one  step further by burning not only pictures but also letters and notes. We can delete email and texts and let go of these negative experiences once and for all. And if we really want to get into this, I suggest letting go of things like jewelry and gifts that connect you to a bad experience or remind you of a person that hurt you.

I recently held on to a negative text for 4 days because I wasn’t ready to forgive that person. That’s crazy, what was I thinking? I do know that when I finally did delete it, it was like a tiny weight lifted.

Why do we hang on to these things? Is it because we never want to forget and let  ourselves be hurt again? Is it because on some level when we look at the item we can send daggers through the ethers to our offender?  Or is it that if we let go we feel we may let the person off the hook? I’m not sure of the reasons but one thing I am sure of is this- the only one it hurts is our self.

So lets roll up our sleeves and do this thing!

 Small Change # 6

Let it go!


Gather any and all photos of a negative experience or of people that hurt you. Find old letters and cards lying around, filed, put in a “special” box or shoved into an old book. Locate any item in your home, car, or office that holds a negative memory. You can either make a special ceremony of letting go or simply just burn the letter or photos. As far as the gifts, give them to someone who will appreciate them or give them to a charity. Now look to see if you’re holding on to any adverse texts or emails and once and for all DELETE!

This whole process may take some of you just a day others the full week. The timing does not matter except that you do it and finally move forward. It’s time!

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