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Sometimes some of the strangest places can be a light bulb moment and the nail salon restroom is no exception. I was at the sink washing my hands when I caught sight of a little sign that read; “This day will never come again!”


At first glance, I didn’t give this much thought but when I looked at myself in the mirror it hit me. This day is unique, one of a kind and will never happen in the same way again. Never! As my nails are being polished I begin to ponder. Although we may get up at the same time, think the same thoughts, say hello to the same family members they are fleeting moments. However, when we choose to view an ordinary day as special, it can become magical. Our thoughts about the people around us, the sun, our jobs, friends, coffee, all become something more.

This week is small change #7, and an important one that can change the way you view the day.


Small change #7


For this entire week, throughout each day, say to your self, “this day will never come again!”

Honor your days.