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What disease is spreading so quickly we can’t begin to look for a cure?

What toxin is far worse than any GMO?

What fear chokes us to our core?

What brings us down quicker than depression?

The answer?

A lack of self -worth.

images-3That’s right, this non-loving, judging our self, not worthy enough feeling is seeping into our internal being and wreaking havoc in our lives. It smacks the poor and wealthy alike. It wallops the beautiful, successful ones over the head. And crushes the meek.

It will cause a fear that will keep us from our dreams; it will promote a lack of confidence that shies us away from love; and create a sadness that freezes our self-expression.

Well it’s time to fight back and you do this by loving who you are. Not when you get “that” job, and not when you lose 10 pounds. Love yourself just as you are with hair that needs cut, outdated clothes, a feeling of insecurity, and fear that makes you want to hide under the covers. Begin today with one small change.


Small change #8

Mirror workUnknown


Everyday this week look into the mirror and recite that you love yourself exactly as you are.  Look yourself in the eye and say, “ I love you and I am worthy.”


You may feel this is odd and uncomfortable but in a recent 5-month course, I gave this tool to the group and it was an eye opener for everyone. I’ll let it go at that so you can have your own experience.  Definitely give it a try.