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Words, words words. We so flipently say them, toss them around, shout them out. But what if it were true, you know, that our words have power. Would you say things differently? Would you be so quick with a sarcastic remark? Would you condemn yourself with them?

The video I attached may be something you have already watched. You may have read things similar but have you ever taken it to heart?

What if we truly affect people with our words? What jar of rice would those around you turn into? Would they be the jar ignored? If you are the boss do you know your employees, take time to ask about their families? Do you acknowledge the people who clean your office, ever leave a thank you card? Do you ask the person making your latte how their day is going?

Or would those around you be the rice turned black from words of hate, negativity and rudeness? Are you quick with put downs and sarcasm?

Or is your jar constantly being filled with love? Do you freely give words of encouragement and offer compliments?

This is our focus for the week, filling those around us with kind words, creating healthy jars of rice wherever we go.

Small Change #9

Kindness with your words.