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The Pink Light Phenomenaimages

I can’t quite tell you how it works, except that it does.

What in the world is pink light? Well the obvious is that it is just what it seems; a light, pink in color, but the not so obvious is the power that it holds.

Long ago someone told me the about the magic of sending out pink light towards anyone I was angry with or out into the environment if it was tense and I’ve never stopped using it since.

I remember trying it out with my assistant. We were on our way home from Costa Rica after giving a ManifestingMe seminar (www.manifestingme.com) standing in line for what seemed to be forever to board the plane. The man in front of us was hot, and I don’t mean in the, I can’t take my eyes off him type of hot, I mean, he was furious. He felt of all people it was unfair that he should be in this line, taking up his time, didn’t “they” know that? He was cursing up a storm and making sure everyone in the entire airport could hear his anger. Well, we certainly were not going to let his mood damper our amazing time so I said, “lets pink light him!” and so we did.

We closed our eyes and thought of a pink light coming out of our heart region and flowing directly toward this man. We envisioned a beautiful calming, loving pink light completely surrounding him. Then we opened our eyes. I am not kidding when I say in the next minute this women walks up to him and asks “aren’t you the owner of that tackle company?” And from there the two of them talked and laughed the rest of the long wait. Coincidence? Maybe, but then after the 20th time of trying this out in all kinds of situations and seeing amazing positive results, I began to realize… this stuff works!

Since teaching this at my seminars I have had all kinds of pink light stories, like the women who was going to fire an employee but after doing pink light he has and still is one of her top workers to date. I have stories of people who did not get along with a co-worker and after doing pink light have actually became close friends. I even had someone tell me they sent pink light to their childhood home town and when they went back to visit they swore it was a more pleasant experience.

To some of you this may seem crazy, to others it may already be a part of your “how to handle stress” toolbox, either way give it a try this entire week.

Here is how to Pink Light”

Close your eyes and take a few deep calming breaths, in your minds eye see pink light coming from your heart region. Visualize this light being sent to the person or situation that is stressful. Concentrate on surrounding that person or situation till pink light completely engulfs them. Basically you are sending out a loving feeling. Do this for a few minutes then open your eyes.

Here are a few examples of when to use pink light:

*When you are getting irritated at a person

*Before a business meeting fill the room with pink light and send light to each person who will be there.

*Send out pink light ahead to make sure everything goes smooth

*Send pink light out to anyone you just had an argument with

*Send out light to your place of work if it is stressful

*send out light to someone you do not get along with

and the list is endless.

Angels and pink light:



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