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images-4Ah, the comfort zone, a wonderful relaxing place to be, all is safe, all is easy, and all is the same. The comfort zone, I mean who wouldn’t want it? It seems great, that is until you actually want to accomplish something in your life. Time usually brings us to a point when we want to spread our wings, follow our dreams, and bring our ideas to fruition. When this occurs a weird, uneasy, stirring usually happens, it is what most people get uncomfortable with… change.

Change is outside our comfort zone. It’s new, it’s often scary and it sometimes asks us to take a leap of faith. We usually hate stepping away from the familiar but deep down inside we know that is what is needed to accomplish our goals and dreams.

It’s time to move forward, get brave, and move away from becoming squishy. Yes, you heard correctly, squishy! That is  what our little zone of repose can be. Time to get some guts, if it doesn’t happen now when will it? Since this is a blog about small changes, I’m not going to ask you to take a crazy leap of faith, no, I’m going to ask that you simply take a small little hop.

It doesn’t have to be life altering but it does have to make you feel a bit awkward. It is by changing our perceptions we open our minds. It is by changing routine and daily habits that make room for creative and new ideas. It is by being flexible we make way to see the world in a different light.

So this brings us to;

Small Change # 11

Moving away from your comfort zoneimages-7

Here a few ideas to get you started;

* If you wear jeans all the time dress up for the day, even if it’s just to the bank and around the house. If you dress nice all the time throw on a pair of faded jeans and a sweatshirt.

*Buy gifts for all of your co-workers even if you think you’ll “get it wrong” trust yourself, they’ll be so happy.

*Go to the movies, concert, a museum and go alone.

*Ask someone different to have lunch with you, someone other than your “regular” crowd.

*If there is someone you have been wanting to get to know better ask them out for a cup of coffee.

To the degree we’re not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.

Peter McWilliams