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Gratitude, by now most of us have heard of it’s amazing powers, how focusing on gratitude can change our lives for the better. It’s time to take a deeper look – making lists of gratitude is great but lets be careful that’s not all we are doing. Unknown

I am grateful for my fuzzy socks, pizza and a cool night breeze. Fantastic, me too but the question is, are you feeling it or are you just reeling it off because you have to do 10 a night, or you’ve made a public commitment and have to keep going? Only you can answer this for yourself, no judgement, just an honest answer that gratitude deserves.

Feeling is the key. Are you awed by what you have? Are you moved by the beauty that surrounds you? Do you shed tears by all you are thankful for?

Feeling gratitude is energy, emotion is energy. These are the main elements that shape our lives.

When you use the amazing power of gratitude correctly it keeps your focus on all that is going well. When you feel this everyday it helps to keep the negatives at bay, it can ease the hard times and bring more of the good. 

Small Change # 12

imagesA deeper look at gratitude.                                                                                               This week, focus your Gratitude on only one subject and give it the energy and feeling it deserves. Take something you may not be happy with at the moment. For example, if you are unhappy with your job, all week long look for things to be grateful for. Notice the good you may have overlooked, realize what the job brings to your family or your lifestyle, focus on all the wonderful coworkers that support you. Instead of complaining about your job on your way to work remember back how happy you were to get it and let this feeling soak in.

Have a wonderful week, I am truly grateful and honored by all who read my blog.