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You have choices when it comes to your outlook and attitude. You can be bogged down at work, have a boss constantly looking over your shoulder and coworkers that complicate more than help. But you actually have a choice. You can do your job with a heavy heart and look at it as drudgery, or you can work with enthusiasm and gratitude. Remember back to the excitement you experienced when you received the phone call that you got the job? How happy you were to tell your family and friends the good news?12415

The choice of being happy and grateful is easy when everything is new and fresh. It’s easy to be full of joy and energy when the funds are low and you receive news that you landed the job. What isn’t easy is when you’ve been at the same job for 10 years, haven’t moved up in the company and the boss treats you as if your life doesn’t matter. That is when the choice to be enthusiastic and happy is tougher than ever but also more important than ever.

Choosing a good attitude helps you remain optimistic, it attracts possibilities and open doors. It keeps you healthy. It helps your life run smoother. On the other hand when you choose to do nothing but complain, you upset the atmosphere around you — more negativity.

Again the choice of how you experience your life is up to you, how you act and react. After all, it’s your choice to live in confusion or clarity.

This week, the small change is to choose enthusiasm over boredom, love over hate, gratitude over complaints. Become aware of negative moods and make uplifting choices.

Small Change #17

Making Choices