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imagesSometimes our life seems to pull us in all directions, we get caught up and  forget to acknowledge the people from our past who helped us along our path. Maybe that person was a high school teacher and because of them you now have the career you love. Maybe it was someone who helped you stay away from drugs or alcohol by taking the time to give you the right advice. Or maybe that person was a friend who listened to you when no one else seemed to understand. Either way, we all have gems from our past who went out of their way to guide and love us.

This week, it’s time to recognize that person by letting them know how much they meant to your life. This may seem simple enough but it may take time to reflect back to the fork in the road and who was standing there holding a sign giving you direction. You may need to do a little digging if you are out of contact with that person. If the person is deceased, it would be wonderful to get a hold of one of their family members, perhaps one of their children to let them know how their father or mother helped you. There is no reason to stop with one person, if you are ambitious you could recognize someone for each day of the week. Send them a thank you note by mail, surprise them with a little gift or simply reach out with gratitude by phone. Either way, no matter what you are going through, take a moment out of your busy schedule to reach out to the person who helped you when you needed it most.

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