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UnknownJust the title alone might make some of you twinge. Things like “laughter is the best medicine, don’t be so serious, lighten up,” are the very words you may not want to hear. This may sound like the worst guidance when life seems to be dumping on us, but is it?

When I’m in a bad mood, I just want to stay there. You know, wallow in it, roll around in it and truly make it the best bad mood I can. Do I really want to stay in it though?

I remember when I was meeting up with a good friend of mine. I was in a terrible mood, and she was right there with me. So we decided together to stay in it…

“Yeah, let’s just be in bad moods”

“good, cuz I don’t want to try and be happy”

“me either”

Well by this time we couldn’t help but laugh and realized how ridiculous we must have seemed, which created even more laughter. Our bad moods had done a complete turn around so we decided to have dinner together. At dinner my friend bumped into someone who had lost her number. She told my friend she had been trying to get a hold of her to hire her for a job!

Wow, is this what laughter can do? I’m not sure you’ll be guaranteed a job but I do know if we had stayed in our miserable ways the opportunity would not have been there.

Laugh, even if you think you can not. Lighten up even in the tough times.

All week find lightness in your day. Watch something funny, turn your bad mood around, make someone else laugh, look to the humorous side of life. It’s there to be seen.

Small Change #21

Lighten up

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

-Mark Twain