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Stop The Complaints!

With the exclamation after complaints, did I just complain about everyone’s complaint?

This harmless looking small change seems like an easy one, “shouldn’t be that hard,” I hear some of you saying. Even those of you that think you’re not a complainer? Beware. This is a wake up. I recently worked with a group of amazing people in a 5-month course and bought everyone a Complaint Free World bracelet, we were all excited to give it a try for the 21 days. How hard could it be? 21 days of no complaining that’s only 3 weeks after all.

Fast forward to 6 months later and all of us were still trying to get through a consecutive 21 days. Seems sort of sad? Well, it isn’t, because just going 24 hrs without a grumble is truly an amazing experience.

When you’re not complaining your focus is instantly transported away from the negative. As most of you know, when you stop the negative in your life you begin to automatically feel more uplifted. When you feel more up lifted you speak words of encouragement and love. When your words are affirmative, your energy shifts and magic begins to take place. Not sure? Try it for yourself.

This week absolutely no complaining. I recommend wearing a rubber band on your wrist for the 7 days. If you complain switch the rubber band to your other wrist. The idea is to get through the 7 days without moving the rubber band.

If you like this idea, I highly recommend getting the Complaint Free World book and bracelet, a great investment for a small cost.

Good luckUnknown