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Setting an intention for something specific is a wonderful way to keep mindful and focused through out a project, a meeting, or your entire day.Unknown

We are given the gift of sleep, a type of death or surrender to the day we just lived. We awaken with a clean slate, a fresh day in front of us, to make our own. By setting an intention it gives us a focus for the day. Maybe your intention is to find peace in every situation, or you intend on giving those around you your undivided attention.

I had a participant at one of my seminars, I’ll call him Jeff. Jeff decided one morning he was going to be different. He set an intention to go to work with a better attitude. As he entered his building he smiled and said good morning to everyone he came in contact with.  Thats it, just a small change. This seemingly small change however had a huge impact on his employees, they couldn’t believe it. Jeff began to get comments like, “wow, you’re in an amazing mood,” to “are you ok, this morning?” Not believing this reaction but enjoying it, he set an intention the following day. His intention was to open up more to his employees. So he began to ask the question, “how are you today?” and stopped to listen to the full answer. More comments came rolling in like; “what happened, did you win the lottery?” Months later he told me his business was like brand new with happy employees going out of their way to get things done. He was stunned that all of this took place because he decided on and followed through with a clear intention.

One intention, huge result.

We can wake up in the morning and think of all the stuff we have to do, complain about the weather, and curse the meeting we have to go to. Or we can wake up and greet the day in front of us as a blessing and then set an intention to make it even better.

One is a curse – a sort of drudgery; the other is a gift – a day full of little, magical moments.

Small Change #24

Set a daily intention

“When you set an intention, when you commit, the entire universe conspires to make it happen.” Sandy Forster