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“One comes to be of just such stuff as that on which the mind is set.”  – The Upanishads


Where is your mind-set? Do you know?

Where are your thoughts focused throughout the day?

What problem or problems are constantly circling your mind, over and over?

Does it even matter, what you think about?images

If you read the above quote and take the advice of many spiritual leaders and philosophers, then yes, it is most important that you know where your mind is set and begin to take control of the topics you think about. The idea, is not to have total control of your random thoughts, as that would be almost impossible, but rather to note what keeps recurring.

Years ago I decided to write down my thoughts for a week and soon noticed a very disturbing pattern. I was constantly worrying. I had no idea I was even a worrier, the farthest think from my consciousness. Yet there it was; “what if the food we were eating made us sick, what if that car swerved into our lane just now, what if I”…and on and on it went, I was stunned. I realized if this was my mind-set how was my body reacting? How could I bring my goals forward with this as a main topic?  I knew enough to make changes quickly. I changed my thoughts of worry to ones of trust, faith and gratitude. Did this change my world? You bet. The stomach problems I had disappeared and my life in general became more peaceful.

So, this week, your small change is to focus on your mind-set. Ask yourself a few questions like;

Am I happy with my general thoughts?

Is my mind-set aimed towards success or failure?

Are my general thoughts loving towards myself or self-deprecating?

Small Change #25

Where is your mind-set?