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20140525_133249_resizedWe have dreams and desires within us that scream out to be realized. It’s that nagging in your mind that constantly chatters on about writing that children’s book or your longing to open an organic coffee shop. We all have things we dream of and would love to do but it’s the ones that constantly call out to us that we must pay particular attention to, these are our talents that give us the hints to our souls calling.

When we force our way through goals and find no joy in our jobs, our world becomes dulled and grey, but when we follow through with our passions our world begins to light up, we long to jump out of bed and begin the day. Believe it or not, this is the way life should be. Could you just imagine a planet where everyone is following their hearts desires? A lot less war and sickness that’s for sure. Just look at people who are following their dreams, they are lit up and seem to radiate energy.

It’s time to follow what you enjoy, letting go of fears which are completely useless anyway.

This week is made up of 2 parts;

Part 1= If you are not aware of your passion it’s time to make a list. Take a block of time, grab a latte, and begin to write down everything you absolutely love to do, and I mean everything! If you love belly dancing, sticking your toes in the water, or sitting quietly in meditation write it down. Big and small. This gets you in tune with what makes you happy and can lead to a new lifestyle. For example if you notice on your list you enjoy solitude and the outdoors and you are currently working in the city under florescent lights, maybe it’s time to volunteer as a park ranger. Let the list of your loves be your guide.

Part 2= If you already know your passion, your souls dream, it’s time for action. This week start the ball rolling by doing at least three things towards your dream. Maybe it’s as simple as picking up paper and pen to write. Whatever it is, make a list of things that can bring you closer to the realization of your dreams, pick three, and GO!

*If you know your dream but have no idea what next action to take, its time to do some research. Make some calls, get on the computer, or ask a friends if they know anyone who may be able to help. Again, it’s simply action to get the ball rolling, once you begin the Universe loves to jump in, watch the magic take hold.

Small Change #26

Use up your Talents!