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“Life is celebration, for those who know how to celebrate every moment.”  ― Bharat Zanvar

Hummingbird 2

Celebrations seem to come in big packages a few times a year. We have the major holidays; weddings, baby showers, graduations and so on. This is wonderful, and a fantastic time to honor someone and gather with friends and family. But, what about the small celebrations? Do you take time out for them? Things like a new month, the opening of a flower in your garden, or making it through the day without a single complaint.

When you begin to search your day for things to celebrate, a dull day can become filled with joy. Attention on celebration pushes out the dark and by sharing this with co-workers, friends, and family you can begin to brighten their day as well.

Today as I am writing this it is June 1st, you can celebrate June for being the month with the most daylight hours, and bring a single rose to each of your co-workers since the rose is June’s birth flower. When you keep your eyes open, life itself becomes a celebration.

Small Change #27    

Small Celebrations

This week find at least 2 things to celebrate and follow through with an action. I’d love to hear what and how you celebrated, you never know, others may want to join in as well.

photo courtesy of Don Baird