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Welcome to small change #28, this post will be a three part post, starting today with Physical release.

release |riˈlēs|verb [ with obj. ]allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free                                                             allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely 

To release on all levels; physical, mental, and emotional can be just the ticket to move you forward when feeling stuck or unsure. It can free up stagnant energy that is keeping you in your old ways and it can give you energy to help shift into a new chapter of life. The best place to start is with physical clutter.


When you let go of physical clutter you are saying to the Universe, I trust. When you trust in the Universe, you are no longer in fear mode. Holding on to what you no longer need is just that, fear. Fear you will not attract something when you need it, fear that if you let go of clothes that are a bit too tight, you may never lose that extra weight, fear that Aunt Beth will haunt you if you give the jewelry she left you to a friend. All of this spells out lack and distrust. When you live in this mind-set, it becomes the energy you carry with you day in and out. This type of energy permeates from you like a lighthouse beacon attracting more of the same. When you can release and live in an energy of trust, faith, and abundance then this is your lighthouse beacon.

I can definitely go on and on about the benefits of clearing clutter but with small change #28 I invite you to try it for yourself. This week begins the clearing process, start small or big, it doesn’t matter, just start. When in doubt, begin with one junk drawer. It may also be fun for the next few weeks to keep track of changes that occur as you release and let go, as most likely there will be many. Have fun with it, the more you can let go, the more pathways you create for wonderful changes to occur.

Small Change #28

Release physical clutter