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What if everything that happens to you is a gift?

Over the years I’ve come across spiritual Masters, religious leaders, and sacred texts teaching that everything that happens to you is actually in some way for the better, even if you can’t understand it at the moment.

This was a hard one for me to grasp, I think about things like people losing a loved one, getting fired, or much worse. So I decided to to actually ask a few people that I knew who went through tramendous tragedy in their lives, and would you believe it, they agreed with these teachings?

So with this in mind I present small change #31;

Seeing it all as a gift

Pick a day this week or if brave enough, the entire week, and see everything that occurs as a gift for you to receive. Yes everything. The boss yelling at you, the traffic, your friends gossip about you. Perhaps by searching for the gift, it helps you take a closer look at what your boss is saying.Instead of being on the defense maybe some truth is revealed, giving you a more creative way to accomplish a project. Your friends gossip could be a gift to recognize the hatred behind gossiping, so the next time you begin to talk about someone you quickly close your mouth. However you see it, expand your perception and begin to look at all of it as a gift to you.Unknown