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Definite motion while being still

We are physically and mentally going, going, going. In fact, if we sit, even for a moment doing nothing, something seems wrong, I know people who actually feel guilty over this! How did we, as a human race get so caught up in the things that swirl around us, and when did we give it so much importance?

If you are ready to live your passion, find peace, or simply relax, it’s time to learn how to have stillness in motion. Begin by listening to that voice that has always been there for guidance but couldn’t be heard over the chaos. This voice is your intuition connected to Source. It is the voice that whispers to you to sign up for that painting class, and later it is there you meet your wife. It is the voice that nudges you get a physical and a good thing you followed through, as something was detected early enough to heal. To tune in everything must slow down but not stop. It would be nice if we could sit in mediation for hours, but honestly, there are bills to pay and shopping to get done, so what can we do?

I suggest;

Small change #34  Finding your stillness within the motion. 

This week slow everything down. Here are some examples;

*Relax while you drive and head to the slow lane

*Take lunch in silence, sit somewhere and observe the the rush of people as you enjoy the stillness

*Slow your walking pace

*Chew slowly

*Listen to who is talking, give up the need to have to answer so quickly or interrupt.

*Breath consciously throughout the day, take deep breaths in and slow breaths out. Try it now…slow deep breath in, slow breath out, repeat two more times.

*Go about your work in silence, turn off phones, music and social media.

*Before any task, at work or home, take a moment before jumping in to breath and focus. You can do this before a meal, before writing a report, and before a meeting. This calms the nervous energy that so many people carry, creating more clarity.


 The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest –Bruce Lee


Photos by Maria Baird