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This week I flew out to North Carolina, when I took my seat on the plane I found a small bag with a note and candy inside. This is what it read;



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I found out the entire plane received this small bag!! Talk about being conscious of others! This new mom found a way to turn an uncomfortable situation around. People on the plane were grateful for her consideration and stopped by her seat to thank her and say hello.

So here’s the thing; how many times do you text while driving? Do you always put your shopping cart away? Do you notice the lonely person at work or in your neighborhood? These things may not seem like a big deal but by giving attention to others you may possibly save a life ( My husband did when he bought a glass of wine for a stranger). The cart may not seem like a big deal until the wind takes it sailing down the lot into someones car. And texting? Geez, do I really need to tell you how that could affect another person?

Small change 36: become mindful of others

This week stay focused on others. Choose words that uplift, watch your actions, and like the women seated at 6D, do something for others to make their day more pleasant.

By the way, the baby never cried once 🙂