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The Universe speaks loud and clear. Since it can’t outright talk to us, it uses feelings, intuition, and signs & symbols, we of course, just need to listen.6509f2534593f512d27e0c5f378320a2

When we are in tune with our life, with Spirit, and with our calling, events seem to fall smoothly into our lap. The doors open for us and guidance is ours. Why is it important to hear the Universe? Because our intuition is connected directly to Source and when we let it in, it can help us in endless ways, for example; lead us to a new job, a wonderful relationship, and the right people we need in our life at the exact time we need them.

You know the things most people label as coincidence? These are really signs and symbols.

Here is an example of using signs and symbols in your life; You are in desperate need of a job, a friend invites you to a party at his house and depressed as you are, you decline. A moment later you receive a phone call from another friend asking if you are going to the party, no big deal, you don’t pay much attention. A few moments later you open a magazine that has a huge article on the front titled, Going to Parties, ok that is a bit odd. But to top it off, a street person asks for money, so you hand him a few dollars and his response is, “thanks dude, party on!” Now this is starting to get your attention especially since it all took place in the span of an hour!

Because you are aware and in tune, you call your friend back to let him know you will come to the party after all. It’s at this party you meet a total stranger who just happens to be looking for someone with your job qualifications and personality, within a weeks time, he becomes your new boss.

Does this happen? You bet, and even bigger, in fact this blog was born from exactly this. I was cooking dinner and pondering what I should write tonight when my husband who was in the middle of a Yahtzee game with his son, for no reason that I could fathom, yells out “signs and symbols!” What? where did that come from? I thought you were suppose to yell “Yahtzee?” Oh well, works for me, thanks hubby, thanks Universe, I’ll take it. 🙂

Small Change #37 Tune in

This week, tune in. If you are in need of an answer or need guidance ask for a sign and stay aware. Practice this all week long. The more you tune in the more you will hear and see. After a while it becomes so clear you don’t even need to ask. Watch how amazing this world is, it may seem like miracles appear just for you, and they do. Have a beautiful week full of wonder.