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If you’ve been following Small Changes for Life most likely you have read small change #12, the importance of gratitude. If not, I highly recommend checking it out. Since we have already discussed this topic I’d like to dive right into this weeks Small Change

Small Change #39  Gratitude for yourselfimages-5 

*For this week I’d like you to keep a daily gratitude journal about you. Every night list 5 things you are grateful for, maybe you like your sense of humor, or the fact that you are a good listener. You can add things that happened that day, for example; you are grateful that you spoke up and said no to taking on another project, maybe you are grateful how you handled a stressful situation.

*If you already keep a gratitude journal then write the last two entries about you.

**Here is a challenge for those of you who list their gratitude on Facebook, for this entire week, list one thing you like about yourself, this may feel weird in a public environment but I wonder how many people you will inspire to do the same. Be brave, go for it, your self deserves it!