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This week we’re going to focus on transition.

transition |tranˈziSHən-ˈsiSHən|noun; the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

By the time most of us come home from a long day at work we can be pretty frazzled. Things may not have run like clock work at the office, you may not have had time to eat lunch, and just when you head for home, the freeway is at a dead stop. Often as you walk through the front door it starts all over again; We pick up the house, get dinner on the table, get the kids to bed, pay some bills or do paperwork.images-3

The problem is there is no time for unwinding, no real transition, the day just continues right into the night.

Small Change #40 Unwind

For this weeks small change, consciously set a time to unwind. Chose a time when you get home from your day that marks the end of work and the beginning of peace at home. Maybe when you get home the first thing you do is take a nice warm shower and let the days stress wash away, change into comfy clothes and continue the evening. Maybe you chose to unwind once dinner is eaten and dishes are cleaned. You then kick back with a cup of herbal tea and read the novel you’ve been dying to get into.

If you don’t have a 9 to 5 job or are no longer working, it is still a great idea to have an evening transition time. Time to let go of worries, fears, and any angst you may carry into the night. Unwind still the same and move into a time of peace. you can always pick up your problems in the morning.

Let nature guide you, as the bright light of day fades away, let any turmoil do the same. As darkness and quiet become the night, let your thoughts hush as well.The idea is to go from chaos to peace, at least for just one week.