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Patience is like a tomato seed while it is in the ground. We plan out our gardens, buy up seeds, and begin digging up a storm, when all of a sudden things come to a standstill, or at least that’s what it looks and feels like. images-1All of a sudden we are scratching our heads asking…”now what do I do?” The answer of course although simple, is not always so easy; we wait, and we wait and we wait. Finally out pops a little sprout, and before we know it the plant is huge with little red tomatoes everywhere!

This is very much what it’s like for our goals and dreams. We seem to get all excited, like a whirlwind, taking classes, studying, visualizing, and making our goals, then…nothing! It’s like stepping off the moving walkway at an airport, suddenly you are at an abrupt halt.

But are your dreams really at a standstill? They may seem to be in the physical realm but like the seed, there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes. Keep in mind we are co-creators in this realm we call life, we work with seen and unseen materials and it takes a certain amount of faith, patience and letting go, all of which are not so easy for us mere mortals.

Keep this in mind; with all the Einstein’s, Beethoven’s, Da Vinci’s, and Wright brothers of the world how many do we not know? How many people gave up their dream right before the bell? How many ideas, songs, scientific discoveries never came about because the creator simply didn’t have any patience? How close are you to your dream? Are you beginning to question it because you are not seeing any results?

Small Change #45 

This week our small change is to make a plan while the unseen world is working for us. What can you do while your dream is still underground?Unknown-2 How can you nurture it and water it? And finally have a reality check with yourself if you can’t summon up the patience or the faith, maybe it’s time to let go.