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We all have goals, dreams, and wonderful ideas but for some reason many of us constantly put them on hold. We may think, not yet, and feel we need to wait until we have just a bit more money to really pull it off, or maybe we are wanting more time to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Whatever you are waiting for it’s time to stop!

Begin today with what you have. If you want to write, but have a full schedule and a family to take care of, ask yourself, what do I have right now? Perhaps you realize if you wake up a bit earlier before the rest of the household stirs, you actually have a good twenty minutes just begging for you to write. images-1You may also discover that if you bring your lunch to work, and eat alone, you have a wonderful quiet moment for time to create. Maybe your dream career doesn’t support you financially at this time, don’t put it aside waiting for money to come in, uncover what it is you need, it’s there if you look.

The dream that enlivens you is not to be put on hold, it’s to trust in your calling with all your heart and begin to move forward with the circumstances and resources that you do have. Waiting for the exact perfect moment may never come, you are the right moment, right here, right now.

Small Change #47

This week no matter your circumstances, commit to doing something toward your dream. Discover what it is that you are waiting for and begin to uncover what you can do with what you have. Begin today.