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Happy Monday everyone, this week is “you” week! What does that mean? How in the world can you not be you? Well, I realize you will alway be you in the sense that you are in your body, operating your life from your perspective, but…

73971_490845990948700_1294662030_nHow often do you hide the real you to fit in?
Do you say things just to get along with the group you are currently hanging with?
Do you over-please to make people happy?
Do you constantly care about others opinions of you?

You get my drift here right? Too often our true selves get pushed into the background just to feel like a part of society and to be liked. So this week…

Small Change #50 True You

Tear down the walls, take off the masks, and be you at all times even if it means going against the grain. This means to catch yourself when you are with others, are you agreeing just to agree? So slow down before you give an answer. Be respectful of your true feelings when asked if you want to do something. And speak your mind even if it may ruffle some feathers. Next week you can always go back to hiding but not this week, let your unique self shine!