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Many people who have taken my seminars have asked me, “How can I create a better reality in my present world?” Or simply put, “how can I have a better life?” I don’t claim to have the perfect answer for that one, but I do know of one way that will never steer you in the wrong direction, and that is; Love more.

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Love your family more, your spouse, your kids, uncles, aunts, cousins, pets. Write to them, call them, get together with them, hug them.
Love your job, do the best you can do, with a grateful heart. It’s so easy to complain, we’ve all done that, now lets speak words of praise and see how we feel. Pour out the love at work. Do more, give more, go out of your way. Love your boss, clients and co-workers. Be the one to bring light to work.
Love your home, no matter how old, or how small, love it if you own, rent, or share.
Love your car, your bike, the bus, the train, whatever gives you transportation.
Love the people who are not just your friends and family. In fact, love the people you don’t like all that much, love them even more.
It’s easy to love the people we like, try loving those you don’t.
Love that grumpy neighbor, ask them if they need anything.
Love your figure.
Love your being.
Love your life.
Speak words of love.
Do loving things.
Feel love from inside out.


You can not do it enough, say it enough, share it enough.

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This week I give you the challenge to love more than ever, it’s easy to read this and say yes, love, this is great. But to really apply it all week long, to everyone, in every situation, in all of your actions and words, I actually dare you to try it. Perhaps this could even be the answer to the question above, now wouldn’t that be great?