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I live in a neighborhood where the Christmas lights are already up and running! I love the enthusiasm but you can feel the pressure from smiling neighbors to “not even think about slacking”.Unknown

So I started to ponder all I need to do; buy gifts, pick out cards, mail to out of state relatives on time this year (same thought as every year), decorate the house, host a party, and on and on and on. I started to feel pressure about all I need to do and then realized, how lucky I am; What may seem like a burden is actually an amazing gift. I have wonderful relatives and friends that I get to shop for. I have a house to decorate. I have neighbors that make the neighborhood beautiful and festive. And I’m alive to enjoy the holiday season.

So now, as I look at the lights all around me, they’ll be my sign to lighten up and savor each moment.

Small Change #53
This holiday season, slow down and relax, enjoy the moments you usually rush through, and be grateful you’re alive to enjoy it.  As you see the lights going up, smile and Lighten’ up.
Oh, and as for our lights? Yup, they’re up and running 🙂