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UnknownIn every situation, from big to small, your thoughts create either heaven or hell. All day long this power to choose resides within you.

Here is how it works; Lets say you have an IRS bill to pay, this never seems to be a happy fun moment, and your thoughts go something like this; “Why do I have to pay this much? I made less this year, and need to pay more? how can that be? It doesn’t seem fair. All of my savings are now in their pockets.” And on and on it goes, most likely a good part of your time in now spent in a type of hell from anger and frustration. But you can choose a different thought, you still have to pay the bill, and you are human so you may get momentarily frustrated, change from irritation to thoughts like;  “I’m so glad I have the money saved to pay this bill.” It still may not be a happy fun task, but now you can live in a type of heaven and your mind is free to focus on other things.

This happens throughout your entire day, you are given an opportunity at every moment to choose heaven or hell by your thoughts, and we’re said to have over 60,000 of them a day! It takes a lot of practice to stay aware of your thoughts and even more to change them.

Small Change #54
This week be consistently aware of your thoughts and then make the choice to live in either heaven or hell.Unknown-1