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“When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.”

-Chinese proverb

I love this quote. It makes you think, “why in the world would anyone use their second penny on a lily?”

flowers and coffee to lift

flowers and coffee to lift

But think about it, when we’re down to the bare bones, 2 pennies, we definitely need sustenance but also we need a lift. When we are down in life, maybe low on funds, someone close to us has passed or perhaps we have been laid off, whatever the reason, we could use hope, the lily. When our minds are focused on beauty and abundance it keeps us from dwelling on the dark side of life. It reminds us to stay focused on the beautiful aspects of the world. This is not to ignore reality, but rather keep us from spiraling downward. As soon as we lift our minds, actions follow. Life loves to give us what we dwell upon most.

Small Change

Surround yourself with beauty. This week take at least one day, maybe a day that has you down or perhaps a time when you are working on bills and surround yourself with beauty that will bring you a smile and lift your heart. The idea is to stay away from obsessing about the negative and stay focused on the beauty and abundance of life.

*The photo above is of my desk. I was getting ready to work on a billing problem and thought I’d give it try, it definitely couldn’t hurt. I made some great coffee, put on Segovia, and added the flowers. I gotta admit, it eased the pressure and kept me focused on the wonderful things of life.