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This weeks small change comes from a lack of customer service; I had called my bank to get a simple answer and after pushing what seemed to be a bunch of never ending numbers, I finally got through to customer service only to be told they were closed and to call back during banking hours. Yes, I was a bit frustrated to say the least, and I began to ponder how hard it is to get good customer service.

I know that being frustrated would get me no where, so I began to think about what I could do on my end, which led me to think of my own “personal service.” check out the video above to hear my ideas on personal service, and how you can spread more goodness into the world.

This week our small change is about personal service. Take a moment, slow down, and show kindness to everyone you come across during your day. Smile and say hello to people as you walk by, say good afternoon before you order your lunch, and let someone know they’re doing a great job. If everyone on this planet took time out with extra kindness can you imagine how wonderful that would be?

Remember as you better yourself, you better the world.