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images-1I was enjoying breakfast a few days ago when I noticed this quote hanging near our booth; “Nothing will bring you greater peace than minding your own business.”

At first glance I thought, that is so untrue, I mean, what if a friend starts taking drugs, are we suppose to turn away? For the next few days I kept pondering this quote and thinking, mind my own business for peace or help others?

It wasn’t until I was having lunch with a friend and he began to complain about his wife. Normally I’d get a bit bent out of shape to learn that my friend was being treated so poorly and I’d begin to give advice that wasn’t actually asked for, but I thought of the quote and held my tongue. I didn’t get caught up, I didn’t get mad at his wife, I didn’t tell anyone else, in fact, all I did was listen, mind my own business then go home. And thats when it hit me…peace! I honestly felt great for not getting involved and all worked up.

How often do we get on a band wagon that is not ours to jump on? I’ve been minding my business for a few days now, not a comment, not a judgement, and not a critique, and I can honestly tell you, it is absolutely wonderful. I’m sure my friend was perfectly happy just to vent and if you’re wondering about my question above, about friends on drugs? Not to worry, I know you will absolutely know when it’s time to get into someones business, in fact, the more you mind your own, the better you will be able to discern when the time is right to get involved.

Small Change for the week, not to be rude but…
Mind Your Own Business!

And keep in mind, as you better yourself, you better the world!