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There is a story told of the great Rabbi Zusha; as he lay on his death bed, he was crying and no one could console images-1him. Finally, one of his students asked: “Rabbi, what are you so worried about? Surely you will be accepted by God!” To this the saintly rabbi replied: “I’m not worried that God will ask me: ‘Zusha, why weren’t you more like Abraham?’ or Why weren’t you more like Moses?’ I’m worried that He will ask: ‘Zusha, why weren’t you more like  Zusha?’”

It’s not that living up to the “greats” may be cause for worry, after all, if you can’t live in the footsteps of Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Theresa, who could fault you? But, what is the excuse for not living up to your truest self, following your talents, and expressing your deepest self to the world?

So ask your self the question now, instead of waiting for your deathbed; Will I be ok with God asking, “Why weren’t you more like (your name here)?”

Small Change for the week
Ask yourself the question above.

Remember, as you better yourself you better the world