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Do you surround yourself with caring people who love you just as you are? Do your friends support you or only come out to play when they need something? Are they there to celebrate all of life with you or just the problems?

Micki, Kristen, Bridget, Me and Diana "Bones"

Micki, Kristen, Bridget, Me and Diana “Bones”

Then ask yourself, honestly; am I there for others? Do I whine and complain about people not calling  when I could just as easily pick up the phone?

Friendships are a beautiful thing but should be handled with much love and care. Make sure you’re doing all you can do for others and not just expecting.

Without people life would be really boring, imagine, just you on this big orb? Sure for the first week the freeways would be awesome but give it a month and you’d be wishing for just one more traffic jam.

Life is about each other, nourish one another, don’t let the little things in life take center stage, you never know when it’s a loved ones time to exit. So, while everyone is here and healthy, take time to call back, go out for dinner, share some laughter. Friendships are one of life’s greatest gifts.


Always keep in mind; as you better yourself, you better the world