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images-9The epitome of; “as you better yourself, you better the world” rest in peace Wayne Dyer.


A letter I wrote a few months back and regrettably never sent to the person who was meant to see it. Don’t hold back letting someone know how they made you feel or how they influenced your life, tell them now.

Hello Wayne Dyer,

I’m sitting here at the moment reading chapter two of your book Inspiration and I can’t seem to shake off the feeling to write to you. Not meaning to sound morbid I just wanted to take the time before either of us “kicked it” to let you know how you’ve helped people through me.

I have been training and teaching martial arts for almost 30 years. Along with the physical training I have delved into the spiritual and it seems every book I picked up along the way written by you, went hand in hand with what I was learning.

I was asked by two of my closest friends to teach the things I have learned, those two ended up being 30 people and Manifesting Me was born.

I would like to say thank you; with your inspiration, teaching and books, along with my martial arts, sparked ideas within me to inspire and teach others. I have quoted you at rehab centers, churches, dojos, banks, wellness and medical centers.

So, thank you for being born. Thank you for choosing the path you chose in 1939. Thank you for sparking the flame that lit my passion to help others.

With love and pure gratitude,

Maria Baird