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I saw this sign when I was at breakfast the other day and it got me thinking; for some people time travel is a crazy outlandish idea, but for others who have studied time/no-time the idea is rather simple, the details just haven’t been worked out yet.20150903_112239_001

Can you imagine when someone said, “hey, lets take a flight to the moon” how completely impossible that may have seemed? But, well, you know the end of that story.

So what are you dreaming that seems impossible? Do you stop your dream because others belittle you? Do you abandon what you would love to do because you yourself think it impossible?

Lets face it, if someone in the 1950’s talked about how they’re trying to make a watch that can tell time, hear music, talk to your spouse, pay for goods, and find your way to the local pub, they would throw you into the loon bin! Fast forward a mere 50 years and voila, hello Mr. Apple watch.

So please, no matter what your crazy, eccentric, bizarre, idea is, don’t let anyone stop you, including yourself, See you last Thursday.