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We’re really not here that long, if you think about it, even if you live to be one hundred it’s a blink of the eye as far as eternity is concerned. I don’t mean this to depress you but rather to awaken you; it’s time to live your life to your fullest!

pic 2blogLiving to the fullest is expressing everything you desire to do with out holding back. Let go of all the false beliefs and illusions that keep you stuck. We live in a dreamworld so it’s time to awaken out of the nightmare. Let go of fears, let go of the approval of others, let go of thinking things are mistakes and do everything in your life that your heart calls you to do. Whatever is stopping you demand it to go away.

Live, enjoy, play, follow through with your desires, help others to live to their fullest. Add to the love of the world because there is definitely enough of the darkness. You become a light when you shine out and live. Have fun and remember to leave the gate open for others 🙂

As you better yourself, you better the world