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1904194_10201375917575992_1811981996_nFunny thing about this statement is that so many people actually think this way! I hear something similar, “but it’s not reality to always think positive,” well, maybe not always, but is negative thinking the answer?

Consistent negative thinking is like glue and will keep you stuck in a viscous circle; something causes you to be negative and you keep talking about it and re-hashing it which brings on more of the same feeling.

When you eat something that taste bad you spit it out instantly, when you smell something terrible you quickly back off, and when you hear music you dislike you quickly turn the station. You wouldn’t keep chewing bad food, listening to horrendous music or go back to smell something that makes you nauseous. The same should be true for bad moods, negativity, sadness and depression. Express your feelings when you need to, and then get out of it quickly.

Remember, as you better yourself, you better the world