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Row, row, row your boat,Gently down the stream.Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but a dream.

I was heading home from Mammoth Mountain with my husband, staring out the car window as the lyrics of this childhood song came to my mind. Just then it dawned on me, “this is brilliant!” If we all took this little song and applied it to our lives it would make things a lot smoother.

Let’s take a look at this precious gem;IMG_0133 copy

“Row Row Row”
These first three words are important ones, because it is action. There is nothing in this song that says; “dump the ores and drift.” It’s easy to drift aimlessly through life but quite another one to apply action.

“Your Boat” 
The song says nothing about rowing anyones boat but your own. If we could all just do this, life would be much less complicated. So often we feel we have all the answers to our friends problems, give advice to family members they don’t want to hear, and try to control the outcome of other peoples lives, when what we really need to do is concentrate on what our own boat is doing.

Gently is the key. Although there is action to row it doesn’t say to push or force your way down the stream full throttle, it says; move gently folks, take your time, move lightly upon the earth.

P1090489web“Down the Stream”
Notice the word Down? watch out if your boat is pointing upward going against the flow. It may be time to stop forcing your way and begin to let go, you still have your oars, just simply turn in another direction.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily”
Lighten up! Life, even with it’s ups and downs can be amazingly fun. Have you ever noticed how serious we can all get? Time to laugh and smile more, let go of the somber attitude, play, be a little crazy, for goodness sakes be merry!

“Life is but a Dream” 
Ahhh, can you imagine; your life ends and then you actually wake up? All of it was just an illusion, a dream. What was it all for? Why didn’t I have fun? Why didn’t I just go for my dreams? And why in the world didn’t I listen to that ridiculous little row your boat song?


Remember as you better yourself, you better the world