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A lot of people write gratitude lists and being grateful can really change your life. The more you focus on it the more you realize just how blessed and abundant you are and the less your mind focuses on all the negatives.

imagesBut when was the last time you made a gratitude list about yourself? Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed all the amazing things that make up you? When you’re playing a sport, writing, painting, taking a martial arts class, what runs through your head? How great you are? Or how you’ll never measure up?

We’re told so often not to brag, shine out, and love ourselves because it’s egotistical but I disagree, I believe we’ve gone too far to the point that when we’re given a compliment we even brush that off. What message are we sending out?

It’s time to bring back love for who you are, the good and the so called bad, it’s all you, embrace it. Love yourself and others will feel this love. Be miserable and others will feel the misery.

Remember; As you better yourself, you better the world