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My assistant and I were sitting in on a seminar of about 500 people when the speaker asked a simple question to the audience; “how many of you like your job?” Of course we both raised our hand without hesitation. Within a split second there was an uncomfortable murmur going on among the audience and as we looked around we found out why:
Out of the 500 people two had their hand raised! What ??? Was this for real? It was a shock to both of us. How many people don’t like what they do? Considering most people spend almost 9 hours at work each day, that’s a lot of unhappiness.

sometimes-you-need-to-look-at-life-from-a-different-perspective-quote-1What can be done? Is there anything you can do besides getting another job? The answer is an absolute yes. You have a very powerful gift within you called, the gift of perspective. When you decide to change your perspective the things in your immediate environment begin to shift as well.

A women named Jan who came to my seminars is a great example:
Jan worked at an office where the tension was high, no one seemed to get along, the boss never truly listened to what needed to be done, and the clients always seemed to be in lousy moods. Jan asked me if there was anything at all that could be done, and when I told her about her ability to shift her perspective she was all game.

There are actions to take that help you change the way you see things; one of the best perspective shifters I know is gratitude, so we started there. I had Jan list not only gratitude for her job, but for her boss, coworkers, clients, and any special people like mail carriers, delivery personal, etc. that she was in contact with. We worked onΒ scripting;Β writing out in detail the way she would love to see the office run. And then I talked to Jan about immediately stopping all of her complaints, and in it’s place recognize things she can compliment. As for the cherry on top? Jan decided to make the coffee (everyone hated to do that in her office), along with bringing in homemade blueberry muffins for everyone. By seeing and doing only good things for her office it immediately pulls Jan out of her negative routine.

Day one of changing the way she viewed the office was a small success, the coffee and muffins being the greatest hit. But as the weeks went by and as Jan refused to see everything in the old light, things began to shift and by the end of one month here is her summary;

1. Her boss started “Monday Meetings” this gave everyone in the office the chance to discuss the things that could help make their job run smoother. This was a huge and unexpected change since her boss was known for not wanting to listen to anyone.
2. The co-worker who was most negative and out right rude to everyone gave her two weeks notice.
3. The clients began asking what changed? Did you paint? Did you refurnish the office? and the clients were genuinely in better moods. and….
4. Jans favorite: (this happened in the second month) Jan was hired for her dream job and within the next few months moved out of state and is still there to this day.

Unfortunately many people are not like Jan, a lot people don’t feel they can make a difference and worse, many people dig in their heels and feel that they shouldn’t be the one who has to change.

So, the question really shouldn’t be, is there anything you can do, but rather; what are you willing to do. If you want things to be different…you first.

Happy perspective changes!

Remember; As you better yourself, you better the world