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71-sr+Kuj2L._UY550_So If you recall from last year, our neighbors are, hmmmm.. how should I say, very on the ball? Into the season? Excited about Christmas? In our neighborhood you receive a slight glance if you are late putting up the Christmas lights and a really stern look followed with a frown if your house is still plain by December first.

In a weird way I get a kick out of it. I’d rather have this type of neighborhood than the plain one. But when Halloween gets wrapped up at midnight and the next day the Christmas lights are up and shining brightly it makes me wonder…what happened to Thanksgiving? Is there a boycott against pilgrims that I am unaware of?

I realize this holiday is not a big money maker and the malls are eagerly waiting for our Christmas spending but we as individuals don’t have to buy into it. In fact it’s really our time to chill before the storm, to bring gratitude to the foreground, and enjoy one another without the pressure of the perfect gift. It’s a beautiful time of year to wind down as winter creeps in.

Let’s all honor this wonderful holiday; slow down, dust off those cornucopias, pull out the gourds, say a thank you to those who came before, and enjoy a full blown Thanksgiving. And if you must get an early start on those Christmas lights at least wait till November 27th to turn them on.