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I’d love to share a beautiful post from Facebook that my amazing friend Bridget Streb Weitzel wrote: Thank you B, for keeping us focused on the light. th

As we are bombarded by the images and stories of terror, fear, and horror coming out of Paris, I find myself praying for the stories of heroism, selflessness, and courage to start coming as well. The anger and pain of such horrific acts will take a long time to heal, but I can’t allow myself to go down the “what’s wrong with the world”, “people are horrible”, and “evil is winning” type of tirades. In order to keep my faith in humanity strong, I have to know that such darkness has shown itself so that light may be shown on those who give completely of themselves to help others. We may have to search for the tiny lights right now, but they are there. Let’s tell the stories of hope, heroism, and beauty. Let’s tell the stories of the beautiful innocent victims and keep their memory in bright light rather than scary darkness. Let’s tell their story instead of sensationalizing the evil who perpetrated these horrors. Let’s make the names of the heroes the ones we remember. Let’s pray for everyone and hold each other’s hand, and know that no matter what, light ALWAYS defeats darkness.