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Maybe on the outside we show our weakness; jealousy, gossip, envy, negativity, unkindness, the list could go on and on, but inside is a beautiful soul just waiting to emerge full force.

This is the same with others, the friend that hurt your feelings, your ex who keeps bringing you negativity, the boss that doesn’t seem to notice the work you do. Yes, they too have a beautiful soul, true some may be tucked away further than others.th-3

The next time you get on yourself and begin the rant about how unworthy you are, how everything you do seems to fall apart, stop yourself and know the truth of who waits patiently within. As you begin to see others in this light as well, your reaction to things will drastically change, can you imagine if everyone began seeing each other in this way?

There is enough negativity in this world, let’s focus on what is right; our beautiful soul.

As you better yourself, you better the world