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The following blog was posted on Facebook by my husband Don Baird, I realize a lot of you may have seen this but it’s worth repeating again and again:

People throw friendships away over religion. Others may even kill you. But, if you look at religions in comparison to one another, the following chart becomes more than relevant. I have strong beliefs; but, not at the expense of my family, friends, and students. I follow the chart below — explicitly.

I invite you to join me as well.

Is there room in your heart? Is there room in your day? Is their room for the people you are close to without mistreating them, without judging them, without hating them, without killing them simply because they believe in something different than yourself? Or do you simply throw them in the trash because of your own selfishness? For me, it is easier to love than to hate and much more rewarding. 

I invite you to join me as well.

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Religion Comparison