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Happy 2016! My wish for you this year is to realize your happiness, your contentment is at your fingertips. I can’t remember where I found this quote, so apologies to the person who said this;ย 

“Become curator of your own contentment”

One meaning for the word curator is; a manager, a superintendent. You are the manager of your own contentment. Although it may look like “outside” things bring you happiness, it actually lies in your hands.

But what I really like about the word curator is it’s prime meaning; the person in charge of a museum, art collection, etc.ย Our contentment is like this art collection. We can choose everyday, every moment, what we want to feel, like this collection we can pull the ugly or beautiful pieces off the shelf to be displayed in our lives. Please realize though, you are the one pulling the pieces. It is you who chooses how to face the business meeting, it is you who can put an end to a fight with your sister, it is you who reacts to the driver that cuts you off. This is what will keep you in anger and resentment or move you in to a life of peace and contentment.

Many blessings for a new year filled with peace and contentment,

As you better yourself, you better the world.